About me …

I am obsessed with films (and to a lesser extent television). I decided that instead of just telling my mum all my views about the countless films I watch, I would put my views out there on the blogosphere. But I wanted a focus of some sort as otherwise I would just tend to ramble on and on about anything that took my fancy.

What’s my focus? Well for Christmas I got the latest version of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die and thought “That’s it!!” That’s what I’ll write about. My aim is to work through the book writing about each film as I go. And having seen 168 of them I think I’m off to a pretty good start … trouble is I watched a lot of the films while at uni and didn’t actually write about them at the time thus requiring another viewing.

So if you are obsessed with films … and all films not just the new ones being released now … then this may interest you. by no means are my views the only ones that hold any weight. I’m pretty opinionated but am always willing to listen to other people. And that’s what I intend for my blog to be – a space where I can waffle on about films and maybe insight a discussion into them, that way they will continue to live on long past their initial release date.


One thought on “About me …

  1. Squish says:

    Hey there, I fell upon your blog when looking up some 1001 reviews, and imagine my surprise when I saw that you dedicated your entire site to it. I’d love it it you swung by our place and join the 1001 MYMSBYD club! Obviously you’re perfect for it 😀

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