Veronica Mars (and yet more apologies)

It seems like I’m forever writing blogs apologizing for my long absences because here I go again.

Real life (i.e. work!) kind of took over the first 2 and a half months of the year … which also happened to be the busiest two months in the cinematic year with awards season well underway. I did plan on watching those films nominated for the Oscars as I have done over the past two years but working all week and then trying to watch 3 hour long films at the same time proved too much for me, and I only really managed to watch those nominated for the Best Picture. And yes I know I have been seriously slack in posting but I will endeavor to post on a much more regular basis from now on. And on the plus side because I’m old school and hand write all my blogs before posting them up it means I have a dearth of them to come. Once those are up I can delve back into the mammoth task of going through 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

I started off my birthday weekend in the best way possible … by making a return trip to Neptune! Now my fellow Marshmallows will understand that comment but for those of you who have yet to discover the joy that is the world of Veronica Mars let me explain. In 2005 a truly excellent television show, Veronica Mars, was cancelled and I was devastated. Describing Veronica Mars doesn’t really sell the show, a teenage private detective set in California, but it really was brilliant with an excellent cast headed up by Kristen Bell, and I fell in love with it. Not only that but so did my mum – it became one of the very few shows, of the multitude that I watch, that we shared. Like all shows that are cancelled before their time there was a sense of the story being incomplete, there was no closure for us fans, the forever loyal Marshmallows. And then last year I got wind of something remarkable happening – there was a Kickstarter campaign being set up in order to raise money for a Veronica Mars movie!! To say the campaign was a success is a bit of an understatement. The goal of $2 million was reached within the first 10 hours and it broke all sorts of records, culminating in a total amount of $5,702,153 raised by the end of the donation period.

Veronica Mars MovieRob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars, really utilized the power of the fan and social media creating a year long hype, by releasing photos from set, bits of script and various other tit-bits to keep all our appetites whetted. Everyone important (which is basically everyone involved in the original series) signed on to return to Neptune, ensuring that we would get one more chance at least to reconnect with all those character that we loved so much. The film was released on the 14th March 2014 – one year after the launch of the Kickstarter campaign that brought it back to life. Now my only issue with this event is that the UK is getting a very limited release – the nearest cinema showing Veronica Mars to me was in the centre of London. Now usually I avoid seeing films in the centre of London because of the sheer cost of actually seeing something there but for this I didn’t care. There was no way I was missing the chance to see a film I had (in all intents and purposes) waited 9 years to see, so off I journeyed. My mum sadly had to work and was unable to come and enjoy the experience with me.

I was so hoping the film was going to be good because we had waited for so very long to revisit this world and these characters and I desperately did not want to be disappointed by it. Thankfully any worries I had were dispersed immediately by the masterful Rob Thomas and excellent cast once again led by Kristen Bell as the sassy Veronica. Little things were included for the fans … well everything was for the fans but there were some other subtle nods as well. My favorite was having a busker playing “We Used To Be Friends” (The Dandy Warhols) as Veronica leaves New York for her home town, as it was the very distinctive theme song of the show. Everything about the film was splendid, it fulfilled every wish I could have had, but I can’t say much more without revealing any spoilers … you’ll just have to go and see it for yourselves!!



One thought on “Veronica Mars (and yet more apologies)

  1. I’m going to be seeing it this weekend. As a fan of the show, I hope I enjoy it – which I am sure I will.

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