Captain Phillips

Director: Paul Greengrass

Nominated: Best Picture; Best Supporting Actor; Editing; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; Best Adapted Screenplay

First of all how the hell is Tom Hanks not nominated for Best Actor because this is one of his best performances (and lord knows he has a few performances under his belt!)

Barkhad Abdi Captain PhillipsBarkhard Abdi gives a brilliant performance, his first, which is definitely worthy of his nominations and subsequent BAFTA win. His constant missive that ‘Everything will be okay’ – a phrase intended to be reassuring becomes warped as things escalate. I came to flinch every time he uttered it, well aware that things were far from okay and getting worse with each successive incident.

My parents actually saw this before me and my dad came back raving about it which gives you an indication of how outstanding a film Captain Phillips is. My dad never gets excited about films so Captain Phillips must have made a serious impact on him.

Tom Hanks Captain PhillipsHanks is captivating as the titular Captain Phillips. He faces a terrifying life and death situation when his ship is hijacked and retains his level-headed attitude throughout it all. He does everything in his power to protect his crew – in short everything a good Captain should do.

I went into Captain Phillips unaware of the outcome of the real event so my heart remained lodged in my throat as the film approached its climatic end. And Tom Hanks just blew me away – his performance which had been exceptional throughout became so emotionally raw! The final screen is heart wrenching and so tough to watch as an incredibly strong man is reduced to being almost childlike.

Captain Phillips has a relentless pace to it which just adds to the intensity of the narrative. Of all the films I have watched nominated for Best Picture so far this is definitely my fore runner, closely followed by American Hustle (David O’Russell) and Dallas Buyers Club (Jean-Marc Vallee)


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