Director: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee

Nominated: Best Animated Feature; Best Original Song

Ok so Disney may have done it again – Frozen is brilliant! The animation is exquisite as always with really textured costumes this time around and the songs are back on track … and let’s face it songs play a big role in any Disney film.

FrozenI absolutely loved the fact that the story revolved around sisters. While I identified with Elsa naturally as I am an older sister, I also found myself recognizing aspects of myself in Anna too. Especially young Anna when she is constantly knocking on Elsa’s door trying to get her to play – that’s completely me and I know how much it drives my younger sister mad.

The singing is exceptional in this film but then when you cast Idina Menzel in the role of Elsa you wouldn’t expect anything else as everyone knows she has an amazing set of pipes on her. The big surprise for me was realizing that Kristen Bell did all her own vocals herself. What a dark horse. I never knew she could sing like that (and I’ve loved her since discovering Veronica Mars [2004-2007, Rob Thomas] years ago!) I couldn’t help but smile when the second snowman created was called Marshmallow but then that’s my fan girl showing as Veronica Mars fans are known as Marshmallows. But enough about Veronica Mars and back to Frozen.

My favorite song is actually not the one nominated for Best Original Song but rather “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” It’s such a catchy song (I’ve been singing it since watching Frozen) and a surprisingly emotional one. I like that it charts the whole of Anna’s childhood, one removed of not only her sister but her best friend and then her only family. 

I love the trolls who initially disguise themselves as rocks and the reindeer Sven is just adorable. But then I have said it before that one of the many things Disney excels in is creating memorable and lovable animal characters. There’s a lot of similarities to Tangled (2010, Nathan Greno & Byron Howard) though you never forget that this is a new story. Again though that’s a very Disney trait, referencing their back catalogue. Olaf, the friendly snowman who loves warm hugs, succeeds spectacularly in providing comedic moments. He is fantastic and I instantly fell in love with him. He is eternally optimistic, even when melting, and you can’t help but adore him. Olaf

“Let It Go” is the obvious song to nominate in Frozen as it is the show stopper in a film packed with musical numbers. It is spectacular both in terms of animation and vocals but then Menzel’s voice lends itself perfectly to rousing epic numbers. 

Frozen was brilliant – everything a Disney movie should be. There was beautiful animation, catchy songs, lovable sidekicks and some heart-string tugging moments. And I think it will go on and scoop the Oscar for Best Animated Feature as well as potentially Best Original Song too (though I still like “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 more)Anna, Kristen Bell, Elsa, Idina Menzel


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