Director: Same Mendes

Nominated: Cinematography, Original Score, Original Song, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing

I was a bit jaded about another Bond film considering just how rubbish Quantum of Solace (Marc Foster, 2008) was. I also have some issues with this reboot because they disregarded all the things that make a Bond film a Bond film, like not driving Aston Martins, or having his drink shaken not stirred. Having said that as long as I treat the films as Action movies instead of part of the James Bond franchise I enjoy them … Well with the exception of Quantum of Solace! And I think Daniel Craig is excellent as Bond, he has that controlled sex appeal that is so intrinsic in Bond. And a closely restrained anger that marks him apart, he takes things a lot more personally. Skyfall has redeemed the Bond franchise for me – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Skyfall Daniel Craig Naomie Harris Javier BardemSkyfall has a bold start leaping right in with an epic chase scene that has a shocking result! I mean how can you start a Bond film and have him injured within the first 10 minutes? But then that’s the tone of this film. A lot of shocking moments happen especially towards the end with a particularly moving incident that changes the face of the franchise. Naomie Harris is excellent, a solid strong female character perfectly capable of living in this dangerous world. And I love the reveal about her at the end.

Javier Bardem is so wonderfully creepy as Silva, with his homosexual advances towards Bond and his Oedipal issues surrounding M. And then there is his appearance – why do all baddies have an awful blond haircut? The move towards more cyber-based terrorism is expected and yet still carried out well.

The sound is well executed and contains both the iconic Bond theme and has similarities to the music used in earlier Bond films. But nothing tops the theme song, beautifully evocative, sung by the extremely talented Adele. Skyfall is memorable and right up there with the best songs – often the best theme songs are attached to the best Bond films. You can tell the projected success of the film by the reaction to the song …incidentally Quantum of Solace had an awful song. For me it has already won, and deserves to win Best Original Song out of those nominated.

We are slowly discovering more about Bond’s past, none more so in this when we escape to his family home, Skyfall, a desolate place in Scotland. It is beautiful in is desolation. And some of the most beautiful shots come from the destruction of his old home. The cinematography with all the shots lit with the rosy glow of the fires are stunning. The set pieces do not disappoint especially the tube train crashing through a tunnel roof (which terrified me!)

I really enjoyed Skyfall and like the direction the Daniel Craig films are now moving in, what with the re-introduction of central characters like Ben Whishaw as the indelible Q. Plus finally we see an absolutely gorgeous Aston Martin, even if only for a little while before its systematically destroyed in a firefight.Skyfall


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