Director: Ridley Scott

Nominated: Visual Effects

Although I am a sci-fi fan I am not a fan of the Alien movies. I found them dull and boring rather than intriguing or even scary so I don’t hold out much hope of me liking Prometheus. On a side note I did a Secret Cinema event surrounding this film, which was majorly awesome, and such a unique experience!Prometheus

Scott filled the cast with well-known actors such as Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce, who is almost unrecognizable as Wayland. And new up and coming actors like Rafe Spall, Emun Elliott, Logan Marshall Green, Noomi Rapace and of course Michael Fassbender. Creates for an interesting mix of characters forming the crew of the Prometheus.

Michael Fassbender PrometheusFassbender is again spectacular as David, the android. He’s also kind of creepy at times, just as you’d expect an android to be. There’s a curiosity to him similar to that of a child. He has a very precise way of moving and speaking. Due to his nature he is far less cautious of things that the human crew members naturally have to be wary of. There is the constant question as to whether David does actually have a soul or not. I find David to be the most intriguing of all the crew and I love his obvious fascination with everything, not just the new discoveries on the planet. He has an obsessive fascination with Shaw (Rapace)

Theron is seriously uptight as the leader of the mission, not to mention pretty paranoid what with living on a self-sustaining lifeboat attached to the main ship. Her costumes match the severity of her character, as does the way she carries herself.

It’s that age-old adage that you really shouldn’t mess with things you don’t understand because it always ends in disaster. It’s the core story of almost all sci-fi films and yet nobody ever learns.

Everybody seems to have their own different agendas that all conflict throwing the whole mission into chaos. And yet everyone has this irrepressible urge to touch things they have no knowledge of. They bring their own destruction down upon themselves.

The special effects are spectacular and so much more a key part of the story then in a regular film. The very nature of Prometheus and the fact that it’s set not only in space but also the future dictates the vast amount of special effects required to make this world believable. The suits however while being body forming come attached to a rather cumbersome helmet that makes them look like their heads are encased in an enormous transparent egg.

Prometheus Ridley ScottAs with Scott’s previous Alien films the crew begins to die in particularly gruesome manners. And his little aliens strongly resemble the face huggers from Alien (1979). The pace picks up rapidly once the infection begins to take hold.

I have to say that of all the films in the Alien franchise this is the one I have enjoyed the most. I was actually kept entertained and interested throughout, even if I was a little grossed out at times, especially during the caesarean scene! I think this is probably due to the fact that there are actually very few aliens in the film. The main alien doesn’t appear until right at the very end. And seeing the birth of the “alien” from the other films in the franchise is awesome … neatly ties to two strands of story, Shaw’s and Ripley’s, together. I have to confess that watching Prometheus has made me want to go back and try watching the preceding films again, certainly Alien.


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