Oscars Nominations 2012

Today was Oscar Nominations day in Hollywood … a day when anyone even half serious about films eagerly awaits the announcement  to then pass judgement on the Academy’s decisions. And of course to begin making predictions as to who will be taking home a shiny new Oscar by the end of February!

So what did I think of the nominations? Well I shall tell you below … though I will try to keep it short.

Best Picture – My initial reaction to the films vying for the coveted Best Picture Oscar is that The Artist seems the most likely to win at this moment in time … the buzz surrounding this film is immense. I can’t see Hugo winning as it is a fantasy film aimed at children and fantasy does not have a stellar history of winning at the Oscars (which makes The Lord of the Rings sweep in 2004 even more remarkable!) but then sometimes the Academy surprises you. So far I have only seen one of the films nominated … Warhorse and while it is a beautiful film it just doesn’t have the magic that the play has.

Best Actor – I would love Gary Oldman to win … partly because I am British but more importantly because he is an incredible actor and deserves to get some recognition from the Academy. Having said that I have a feeling that it may be George Clooney’s year this year … after all he has been in a number of well received films this year.

Best Actress – Meryl Streep would be the obvious one for me here but she is nominated for playing a British prime minister and as much as it pains me to say sometimes the Academy can be a tad snobbish when it comes to the British film industry. I would love Michelle Williams to scoop this one … again another incredibly talented but overlooked actor.

Best Supporting Actor – Initial thought is I want Kenneth Branagh to win.  However not having seen any of the films nominated I can’t really comment all that much.

Best Supporting Actress – Again haven’t seen any of the films nominated so can’t comment in any detail. The Help seems to be pulling a lot of weight in this category so may emerge triumphant. Although I’m not sure how I feel about one film receiving 2 nominations in one category as I don’t think it is entirely fair (I felt the same last year when The Fighter got 2 nominations in one category … potentially the same one)

Best Director – Think it’s pretty much gonna be between The Artist and Martin Scorsese for Hugo. Of course Woody Allen is a big name director and could scoop it.

I’m gonna leave it from there having covered the main categories. Though before I go I will say this …

It does not surprise me that while Harry Potter has done well in the technical categories it has bypassed all the major ones as it is an extremely British film franchise with only one American actor that I can think of off the top of my head. On top of that it is essentially a fantasy film aimed at children. I just can’t understand how the biggest film franchise in the world has been overlooked for the major categories at the most prestigious awards ceremony in the film community.

I intend to watch as many of the nominated films as I can before the awards at the end of February so that I can actually make a fairly informed decision so keep an eye out people for more updates and opinions on the subject of the 84th Academy Awards.




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